To what extent do the mediated representations of a place align with the image that destination marketing institutions aim to disseminate? What is the role of the Film Commissions in the media tourism phenomenon? And, do the locals support this type of tourism in an already touristic place? These and other related questions will be explored in the context of Spain, one of the world’s top tourism destinations and a country which hosts one of the most active European audiovisual industries.

Who will be a part of this conversation? A group of researchers from tourism, geography and media studies: Víctor Aertsen, Concepción Cascajosa, Andreu Fullana, Agustín Gámir, Carlos Manuel, Eugeni Osácar, María C. Puche-Ruiz and myself.

When will this conversation take place? On Friday, April 9th at 13.45 CET.

Where? In the online conference Worlds of Imagination.

Are you interested in attending? You can still order a ticket!

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